Aug '01 BigBrothersPeakProgram:
promotional video for Big Brothers of Peel.
  Jun '01 Sub:
experimental documentary that explores the concepts of metaphysics through the world of an underground railway.
Mar '01 TheYellowRocketShip:
promotional documentary - introduces the theme and development of Gordon Graydon's robotics team for The Canada First Competition.
[view] Jan '01 LexmarkIntromercials:
experimental documentary that explores the concepts of metaphysics through the world of an underground railway.
  Jan '01 TheCymbalukWedding:
tracks the day of the bride and groom, from morning preparations to evening celebrations. Several scenes are edited as music videos; an attempt to recapture the essence of the day.
  Dec '00 FromNothingToSomething:
a survey of existentialism in history and in popular entertainment. The video traces the origins of a philosophy to our modern pluralistic society today.
[view] Nov '00 TheIBTProgram:
a brief introduction to the International, Business & Technology Program at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School in Mississauga.
  Jun '00 PeterPan:
postproduction for an elaborate children's theatre production by the Great Big Theatre Company.
  Jun '00 YCDonNTSC:
a year in the life of a school. This limited edition video includes.: YCD Teaser and Commercial, Goldfinga, Fashion Show 2000, Who's IBT?, formal footage, and The Yoghurt Incident
  Jun '00 GoldFinga:
music video; with just minutes before the greatest night of a student's life an assignment is due and a snatcher is loose.
  Apr '00 TheYoghurtIncident:
a school is thrown into chaos as a monster from a nearby forest kidnaps a student. Only two students, armed in hockey gear and fire helmets, can save them now.
[view] Mar '00 YCD 2000 Commercial:
a day in the life of a school. No one may care today, but they will tommorrow.
[view] Dec '99 YCD 2000 Teaser:
a surreal walk through the halls of Gordon Graydon, a secondary school in Mississauga.
  Nov '99 BayStreetThisWeek:
join our amiable young stock investor as he takes us on a tour through the world of financial markets and investment opportunities.
[view] Nov '99 PolleyWantsSomePeace:
cartooned music video dealing with the culture of peace.
  Oct '99 RapportYouthCounselling:
promotional video for a United Way member family counselling organization.
[view] Aug '99 DrinkTeaMrConscience:
an experimental film about the tyranny of the human conscience.
  Jul '99 ASoldieredRemembered:
interview with Prouse's wife about his experiences in World War II.
[view] May '99 JavaFlava:
a television commercial for an imaginary coffee house.
  Apr '99 BridgeOfOpportunity:
an overview analysis of the current trade relations between Canada and Russia.
[view] Jan '99 TheBadAcidShow:
what rechargeable batteries are all about.

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